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Five Pillars of Success for Nonprofits

11 Sep 2017 9:53 AM | Anonymous member

Hope you were able to join us on August 16 for a special invitation-only webinar on the future of the nonprofit sector in eastern Riverside County. We were focused on the important components of a healthy nonprofit ecosystem, the evolution of vital programs and services to address upcoming challenges and seeking out innovative opportunities to grow and expand new markets and programs.

Here are the components included in the webinar:

Capacity Building – Addressing the infrastructure and talent management needs of organizations to increase organizational ability, impact, and accountability through continual improvement and organizational and professional training.

Funding – Developing robust business plans and diverse funding strategies ensure organizations are not just sustainable but healthy, thriving financially and taking full advantage of all the financing opportunities available.

Information Sharing – Assessing, collecting, organizing, and disseminating information on the programs and people we serve enables organizations to effectively measure impact and identify and address disparities in programs and funding. We also covered collectively looking for better solutions and practices that will benefit our organizations, clients, and the entire community and sharing our best practices.

Networking – Building relationships with other organizations, businesses, agencies, funders, the people we serve and everyone who lives in our communities to help increase productive engagement and sustain long-term change. Networking can help initiate joint projects which better support the quality and growth of vital programs.

Advocacy and Public Policy Education - Educating nonprofit organizations regarding the public policy issues that affect this sector and their respective programs and the rights and responsibilities of organizations to act as advocates. Also covered were developing the skills needed to engage effectively in advocacy to influence decision makers for their support and enhance the overall efforts of the industry.

You can find the unedited replay of the webinar here.

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