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Putting Your Mission in Motion

16 Jun 2018 7:12 AM | Anonymous member

When people come through your doors, the day-to-day operations of your non-profit speaks loudly to donors, funders and clients.  Disorganization and dysfunction says there is a lack of consistency, accountability and transparency; a sign that the organization is not going to value contributions of time or money.  Clearly developed POLICIES AND PROCEDURES are the link to empowering front-line staff and volunteers to put your carefully crafted MISSION IN daily MOTION.   

Developing crisp and concise POLICIES AND PROCEDURES can be fun. (what???) Now that you've had a good laugh, I'll tell you why.  

You get to investigate and clarify how your organization:

  • Implements the mission every day
  • How Board decisions affect staff, donors, and clients
  • Whether or not you implement consistency of message at all levels of the organization.
  • How your organization avoids conflicts of interest 
  • Which actions require approvals and by whom...and why
  • Whether or not your organization implements laws and regulations (non-profit governance, labor, tax, finance, etc.)
  • How your organization uses daily operations, front-line staff, donor feedback, funder evaluations and client feedback as information for future changes and improvements.

Most importantly writing clear POLICIES and concise PROCEDURES ensures 


Then you put those notes into tightly written POLICIES and PROCEDURES that use the smallest number of words possible so they will actually be helpful and used.  It's worth the time and it generates lots of good ideas!!  

Watch this blog and share tips with members.

-Paula Acosta

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