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Regional Access Project Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. California , 41550 Eclectic St,, Palm Desert, CA 92260

Phone: (760) 674-9992


For organizations that wish more than one (1) person to have access to the online resources of CNA, including training discounts, you will need to add them to your bundle.

From your profile - under membership - you can invite or add other people.  Once their email etc. is registered, if they attempt to sign up for a class, they will be entitled to the same discounts and access.

If you do not wish someone to have full access, then someone from your organization who is registered, must sign up for training in order to get the discount - you can then enter the other staff/person's information.  If they attempt to register directly, the discounted rates will NOT be displayed.

Please contact John Epps (JEpps@RAPFoundation.org) if you need help adding someone to your bundle.

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